Rather Than Victimhood …

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

When something happens that upsets you, do you not immediately want to tell another? You want sympathy and understanding. This is understandable, for that is how humans operate. Be aware: sharing your woes with others is how you play the role of victim. “Can you believe what that person did to me?” you say, and in this way you give power to the act, perpetuate the lower vibrations, strengthen the sense of separation, and solidify your victimhood. Oh, my.

“But I have to share what happened! I was wronged!” you protest, and we ask, why do you wish to be the victim? It feels somehow good when you do, does it not? Once again, from where does this need arise? Examine this need.  Give no power to the situation. Where is your true power?  Offer forgiveness, understanding, and love to all involved and let it go. Remind yourself who you really are and how very loved you are, and you have just reclaimed your true power. In so doing, the situation dissolves, consciousness as a whole rises, and love has prevailed.