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“Your Emerging Soul” was divinely inspired and designed with Spirit’s help to assist you in understanding and aligning with your highest self.  It contains powerful new tools to help you shift to a more balanced state in which your human identity merges with that of your eternal soul.  Prepare for repeated “Aha!” moments and delight at the magical synchronicities shared in three captivating modules:

GETTING OUT OF THE BOX:  REDEFINING WHAT IS REAL” provides a no-holds-barred glimpse of a boundless existence where reality takes on new meaning. (Length = 2 hours)

FROM HEART GIFTS TO THE GIFT OF ONE HEART” shares a series of magical synchronicities culminating in a powerful message about the nature of the soul. (Length = 2.5 hours)

LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AWARENESS” takes you through a series of practical exercises and introduces unique tools to reduce pain and suffering and find the freedom and joy that are your birthright. (Length – 4 hours)

At the end of the program you will know:

*How to deal in a healthy way with fear, doubt, grief, and other unwanted emotion
*How to recognize thought patterns that keep you a prisoner of the ego
*How to see with the eyes of the soul and respond to situations from a higher perspective
*How to find peace in any situation
*How to “sit in the power” (a method of alignment that goes beyond meditation)
*Suzanne’s step-by-step method for attuning to higher consciousness

How do we know what reality is?   In this mind-expanding presentation Suzanne will share verifiable evidence of a greater reality beyond the physical senses.  She will begin with   irrefutable details received in communication with beings who once walked the earth in   human form.  The evidence she provides goes beyond a reasonable doubt to show that consciousness survives death.  But can consciousness take other forms?  If consciousness is limitless, then theoretically, the manifestations of that consciousness should be limitless as well.  Prepare to expand your concept of what is “real” as Suzanne provides a glimpse of a boundless existence where reality takes on new meaning (Length =2 hours)
Laced with evidence of a greater reality, this dynamic course provides essential tools for thriving as a fully conscious, trans-dimensional being.  AL301 will show you how to optimize the human-spirit experience with lessons and practical exercises that will take you beyond basic metaphysics to such advanced concepts as:

·        Rewriting your story from victim to victor

·        Seeing with the eyes of the soul

·        Eliminating ego and finding freedom

·        Coming into alignment with your true nature and purpose   (Length = 3 hours)

This transformational presentation provides the keys to accessing and learning to trust the inner guidance that is available to everyone. The One Divine Mind of which we are all a part speaks to us when we expand our consciousness and connect with that Mind through intention. Join Suzanne as she shares stunning evidence of collaboration with the non-physical dimension and shows how anyone can open themself to higher levels of creativity, insight, inspiration, direction, wisdom, and love.  (Length = 3 hours)
In this powerful presentation, based on the true story told in her book Wolf’s Message,    Suzanne provides fascinating evidence of our interconnectedness with each other and with all that is. Using the lessons and teachings from “Wolf”, one very special soul who you will   never forget, she shares the keys to achieving freedom from the ego, resulting in balance and alignment with your true self.  Wolf’s messages for humanity are soul-touching and the story of his communication with Suzanne is a fascinating trail of synchronicities and evidence from the spiritual realms.  (Length = 2.5 hours)
The primary goal of an evidential medium is to validate the continuity of consciousness beyond the death of the physical body. The eternality of the soul cannot yet be proven using our current technology. However, applying the same standards used by our system of justice, we can come as close to proof as possible. Evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann will discuss how providing the preponderance of evidence can change belief systems, opening minds and hearts to a far greater reality. Suzanne will share stunning and emotional evidence received from beyond the physical domain which has been validated using scientific methods but which speak directly to the soul. She will reveal the keys to receiving more evidential communication with the unseen world with the goal of raising the standards and credibility of modern-day mediumship.  (Length = 2 hours)
You may have attended programs that focused on soul growth and personal spirituality before, but never like this! Suzanne’s unique methods give core concepts for self-transformation a practical, playful twist, giving even the most experienced spiritual seeker real “aha!” moments. She connects the dots to illustrate a clear path to greater awakening and transformation, and gives you techniques for easily bringing into practice the right concept you need at any given moment. Plus, she shares a host of tools for remembering who and what you are and for staying on track spiritually.

You will work with four important keys to spiritual transformation:
See the oneness: Explore “oneness consciousness” and learn how we are a part of that oneness, using a blend of science and spirituality.

Open your heart: Having learned to “see the oneness,” you will learn to use that energy to raise your own vibration to new levels of awareness.

Attune to higher consciousness: Make the connection with higher levels of consciousness and Divine love. This section also includes an in-depth discussion of meditation, an experiential guided meditation, and an exercise in tuning in to a partner’s vibration.

Reclaim your power: Uncover your true essence and live in alignment with who you really are. You’ll gain practical tools that can be applied immediately.

…and feel your spirit S.O.A.R!