srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Pickpockets—thieves who reach into your purse or pockets and steal your belongings without you even realizing it.  So clever are they.  So quick and nimble that you do not even know that you have been robbed until you discover that your valuables are gone.  Do you not realize that you are surrounded by spiritual pickpockets?  Unlike the actual thieves, many of these do not rob you deliberately.  They get into your energy field and with a thought or word deplete your own energy.  The funny thing is, you allow this.  You may sense danger, but you allow them near.  You know who the thieves are.  You share space with some of them quite often.  They will steal you blind if you let them.

First, you must become conscious that your spiritual pockets are being picked.  What is your greatest defense?  Awareness.  It is not your task to fight them off.  This can be harmful to you.  Your greatest weapon is always love.  Cancel out the sticky fingers of negativity with loving energy in the form of your own loving choices and thoughts.  Others’ energy can harm you if you remain unaware of their energy.  Be vigilant and surround yourself not with a barrier, but with rays of love.  Fill your pockets with love.  In this way, when the thieves dip inside your field, they will either be changed or take their business elsewhere.  Each is on his own path.  May your pockets and your path be lined with love.