Finding Peace and Comfort Now

Peace, Comfort, and Love are the
Gifts Your Loved Ones in Spirit Wish for You.

In the thousands of readings I have done, I never once communicated with a soul on the other side who wanted their loved ones here on earth to live in sadness or extended grief. Certainly, they understand our initial grief and shock that one we love is no longer present in physical form. However, they have the advantage now of seeing the bigger picture. No matter how they passed, they are surrounded with love. Their desire is that you honor them by moving ahead with them, letting go of the sadness and finding purpose, joy, and peace in the next chapter of your ongoing journey.

What I Have Learned from Those in Spirit:


♥ You are a beautiful soul who walks in both worlds at once.

You don’t become a soul when you pass to the other side.  You are both human and spirit right now.

♥ You are part of one big web connecting all that is.

Heaven is not some far-off place.  The physical and non-physical worlds interpenetrate each other.  Notice the signs and synchronicities meant to bring you this awareness.

♥ You find your way Home through the heart.

You do not sense and connect with the non-physical world by thinking and using logic.  You feel this connection as a “knowing” in your heart.

The Keys to Finding Peace, Tranquility, and Freedom:


♥ Realize who you are.

Who are you? See the three items above.  You are Love, temporarily in a physical body.

♥ Balance your head with your heart.

As humans, we need to think, but when we balance thinking with feeling & knowing, we access higher wisdom.

♥ Rise above the duality and observe.

When the drama of of this “Earth School” gets to be too much, shift your identification to that of the soul.  From this higher, neutral perspective, you can make wiser choices when you re-assume your story.

♥ Spend time with your Highest Self.

The best way to get to know who you really are is to establish a regular practice of sitting in the Power and connecting with Higher Consciousness.

♥ Make the highest choices.

You do this by following each of the steps listed here.


Taking the Next Step

The list of suggestions below are gathered from my personal experience, wisdom from my guides, and the many wonderful souls on this side of the veil and across the veil who have shared with me. The list is available in printed form by clicking the button at the end. Whether you are new to these ideas, or have traveled long on the spiritual path, choose what resonates with you and take that “leap of faith.”  Your loved ones are cheering you on.  As you feel guided, select another item and take the next step and follow your heart.

♥   Sit in the silence each day – even for 5 minutes. You may feel at first that nothing is happening.  Keep this as a daily practice anyway!  You are opening stronger connections with spirit and you will see progress.   My two online courses teach you how to meditate and “sit in the power,” and I have three free meditations for you at:  Ten Minute Transformation is a short chakra clearing exercise that will clear out the energetic clutter and leave you refreshed and clear-headed.  

♥   Read something inspirational each day.  It is so easy to get caught up in daily hassles and emotions. You need a “feel good” break and the wisdom that comes with repetition of spiritual truths.  Many, many people have told me that that my books  Messages of Hope  and Still Right Here were turning points for them as they moved from grief to hope. The daily messages from Sanaya on my website or Facebook page as well as my Inspirations blog posts provide excellent spiritual food for thought.

♥   Reach out for support.  One of the best organizations I am associated with is “Helping Parents Heal”.  This group goes beyond other bereavement groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife.  Even if you are grieving someone other than a child, the joy-filled experiences shared on their website and in their newsletter will be another bridge to peace for you .

♥   Watch my videos. Viewers say the “Buddha at the Gas Pump” interviews are amazing. In fact, if you watch only one video, choose “Buddha at the Gas Pump, June 6, 2017” to hear many examples of the evidence I have received that your loved ones are fine on the other side

♥   Read my guides’ description of the afterlife. I received a direct download from spirit which I’ve included in my free e-book Awakening.  Sign up on the e-news form on my homepage and you will receive a link to download

♥   Explore Wolf’s messages and the fascinating evidence he shares to show us our eternal connection with all that is.  Author Caroline Myss said that “Wolf’s Message is an authentic portal to the other side.” Each message will bring you closer to the knowing that you are forever connected to all you love.

♥   Learn how to connect across the veil.  Join me at one of my classes or workshops around the country or in my monthly mentoring webinars in which I teach practical tools to shift your awareness to the greater reality and connect with those on the other side, whether loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, or your own Higher Self.  Yes, you can do it too. All of the tools on this page will help you to raise your consciousness sufficiently to make the connection.

You Are Not Alone

Life is full of challenges. No one escapes this earthly dimension without them. Ty and I faced one of the most difficult challenges of all: the sudden death of our beloved daughter and stepdaughter, Susan Marie Giesemann, who was killed by a lightning strike. She was six months pregnant at the time.  .

Susan’s death was the catalyst for the mission I have now of bringing hope to others, but I certainly didn’t know that at the time. You can read the full story in my book, Messages of Hope.

Our teachers in spirit (and for me that now includes Susan) have shared evidence and wisdom to show us the way to regaining balance and to live our lives fully after the passing of a loved one.

I encourage you to use the tools listed above to take the first steps towards honoring your loved one by allowing peace, joy, and love to fill your heart.

You are Part of One Big Web
Connecting All That Is.

This statement of truth was shared by another special teacher in spirit, Michael “Wolf” Pasakarnis.  Like our Susan, Wolf was  struck and killed by lightning. He left proof that the soul exists and is far more aware than our human selves. I’ve told the incredible story of Wolf’s communications from the other side in my book, Wolf’s Message.

When we know and live by the truths he came back to share with us, nothing can stand in the way of our love, joy, and peace.

It may seem impossible when in the clutches of sadness, but you are not doing this alone.  You have the help of your loved ones in spirit.  They have guided you to this page.

“What do you do when the world gets you down?
You realize that this is not the only world, and that awareness makes all the difference in the world.”