Open the Door

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Why are most of your fellow human beings so unaware of a greater reality?  They have been taught that this physical world is the only one.  It is all a matter of believing what you have been told, to the exclusion of a personal experience.  You had that experience—that connection—with the unseen world when you came into this world, and then you learned a language and blocked your awareness of the ongoing connection.  In that language were lessons about how to think and behave as a human being.  You learned your lessons well.  Now unlearn them.  Go back to the innocence of a child.  Assume an attitude of beginner’s mind.  Empty your cup so that it can be filled with guidance from within once again.  Undo the teachings that have held you back and get ready to take flight.  It is time to finally let your spirit soar once you open the door and get a glimpse again of who you really are.