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You may have taken courses that focused on soul growth in the past, but never like this!

Suzanne Giesemann’s unique methods give core spiritual and metaphysical concepts a practical, playful twist, providing even the most experienced spiritual seeker real “Aha!” moments.

Using the S.O.A.R. acronym she connects the dots to illustrate a clear path to greater awakening, sharing techniques for instantly and easily bringing into practice the right ideas and tools you need at any given moment. The result is not just more love and peace in every moment, but total transformation.

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Access a boundless existence and redefine your entire understanding of what is real.  Reveal the magical nature of your soul and your connection with the One Heart.  Experience the true meaning of consciousness and the joy that is your birthright.  Expand understanding beyond your physical body and move from thinking to sensing.  Learn Suzanne’s 7 steps for connecting with higher consciousness.  Discover practical applications for merging the ego with the soul.

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