Love at the Center

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks, Sanaya Speaks Archive

Heart CenterThere are two sides to every coin, just as there are two sides to you.  We are not speaking of the opposites such as good and bad, happy or sad.  Whilst in human form you have the aspect of you that is spirit and the side that is human.  Call them the soul and the ego, if you will.  The point of human existence is to master focusing on the soul, exhibiting the soul’s chief characteristic of love.  The challenge in this game of heads or tails is that the spirit side, which initially is prevalent when born, will become hidden to you as a child.  Then it becomes your task as you age to remember it … to identify with the soul aspects by choice. 

Ah, there’s the rub.  In this game of heads or tails, ego or spirit, which side is up is completely up to you.  Mastery of your emotions is one of the ways you learn to exhibit the soul side more often.  It is not a game of win or lose.  It is all about the soul’s growth, but most humans continue to identify with the human aspects, and so we will put it into human terms:  When one identifies more with the soul and Love is face up, then everybody wins. 

Do you see how it works?  You are still human.  The ego aspect of you is always there and is to be embraced if you are to experience wholeness, but choose to be “love side up”—beating the odds of chance in this game called “being human”—and see what happens.