srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Are you in the habit of responding always in the same way to a particular stimulus?  This is simply egoic programming.  How to break free?  Picture it—this stimulus—inside a small box within your energy field.  Highlight it with your light.  Visualize it being gently removed from your field by your team of angels.  See this well-lighted box now outside of your human field of influence.  The real you is limitless with no boundaries, but you carry about a field in which your patterning is deeply imprinted.  Now that this one program is outside of this heavy gravitational field, it can no longer influence you.

As you gaze upon this box, bless it for the lessons it has brought you, and with the help of your celestial team, dissolve it into particles of light.

Well done.

Now build a new belief that serves to replace what once was there.  Gild it with golden light and place it close to your heart.  This is your new reaction to the same stimulus.  Congratulations.  You are well on the path to conscious living.