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What have you been telling yourself you cannot do?  Is it something mental, such as learning a new skill?  Something emotional, such as overcoming fears?  Something physical, such as driving a car?  Is it something that combines these, such as driving a long distance?  You are not trapped by lack or ignorance or fear—only if you choose to be.  You have dominion over your thoughts and emotions.  Exercise your choices.  Make the choice to study your thoughts and follow them all the way back to their roots when you began making choices with which you are no longer in alignment.  You are far more powerful than you think, for you need not think at all.  The soul knows your true power.  But do not push yourself.  Simply allow your self-love to flow, and then you will grow.

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  1. Nancy Randall

    Oh Sanaya (and Suzanne), you are always so “right on”! And, so
    often your words are right on schedule – timed to reach me just
    when I needed the lesson or the affirmation! Thank you soooo
    much. With gratitude and love,
    Nancy R.

  2. Colette Sasina

    I keep revisiting this post to read and look at the picture of the beige steering wheel and the date posted and am overwhelmed by the synchronicity of your direct empowering message which puts a significant dent in my PTSS. This date was the 25th anniversary of our horrific car accident caused by distraction and over correction. Your post will be a much needed calmative the next time we embark on another cross-country trip. Thank you Suzanne/Sanaya❤

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