srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Duality.  You can see things from both sides.  Part of you is a realist and the other a dreamer.  Even in your desire to help there is duality.  You cannot get past it, for duality is part of the human system.  Choose a side if you like.  Change sides if you like, but always come from the heart.  It is the only way to find your way back to peace.  The peace lies resident always within the soul at a level where there is no duality.  Take that peace with you as you merge your soul awareness with your human awareness and take up a side for a while.  Be aware of becoming fixed, for as you become fixed, you lose awareness of the peace.

Are you beginning to see the steps in this waltz?  One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three, ONE.