Mediumship Class: Serving Spirit

A Hands-On/How-To Course in Evidence-Based Mediumship

“Most classes in mediumship only give you a lot of chances to practice. Suzanne is a true teacher.”

Enjoy two full days of celebrating the sacredness of mediumship. This course offers a balance between the theory of spirit communication and actual practice at making contact across the veil. The emphasis is on receiving verifiable evidence as well as messages from the other side. The only prerequisites for students are the belief that spirit communication is possible and the desire and intention to make the connection.

Come prepared to immediately apply what you learn, practicing with fellow students and with the cooperation of those on the other side. While you will follow a syllabus, the program will be flexible enough to flow in response to the needs and questions of the group and the guidance of Spirit.

I enthusiastically recommend Suzanne’s ”Serving Spirit” workshop. It is one of the most outstanding classes on communication I have taken in my almost 40 years as a psychotherapist. The workshop is transformative, inspirational, and provides a “how to” on seeing the reality of the spirit world with a new perspective and understanding. Sylvia Chavez Reaves LCSW, LPC and Certified Bereavement Counselor and Certified Spiritual Director.

2017 Classes

All classes listed below are open for registration.  Class size is limited to 50 students and classes will fill quickly.

Twelve hours of continuing education credit for Licensed Professional Counselor and Social Work available.  Those interested will choose this option on the registration forms. Required paperwork will be provided at the class.

Click on the link for more details and registration form.

Ann Arbor, MI – June 24-25
Camarillo, CA – July 8-9 (Between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles)
San Jose, CA – July 22-23
Tacoma, WA – September 9-10
Salt Lake City – September 23-24
St. Louis, MO October 7-8
Wilkes-Barre, PA- October 28-29
Rochester, NY – November 18-19, 2017

Are You Ready?

Not all who take the “Serving Spirit” class intend to work as mediums. Many wish to increase their connection to spirit for their own spiritual growth.  Those who do intend to work as professional mediums have a responsibility to honestly assess their readiness.  CLICK HERE to read more about “Are You Ready to Serve as a Professional Medium?”

“Suzanne has a way of explaining the process of mediumship that provides a powerful and clear framework for understanding what we are trying to do. Not a moment was wasted. The work with her took my mediumistic and psychic skills to another level which is deeply exciting to me. In contrast to many individuals with such extraordinary gifts, I had no sense that this was about Suzanne’s self aggrandizement. To the contrary, she truly impressed me as fully devoted to “Serving Spirit”. She is someone who walks her talk, is whole heartedly dedicated to teaching others her craft and to constantly improving her own skills. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.” Judy Tsafrir, MD, Boston Holistic Adult and Child Psychiatry
“As I sat and listened to everything Suzanne said and demonstrated – I felt the heaviness I’ve been carrying for years lift. Suzanne has helped restore my confidence and affirm my spiritual journey is as it should be – my own. I felt a soul connection with Suzanne and found her to be inspiring, informative, uplifting, supportive, and most of all genuine. I plan to attend Suzanne’s future workshops because I want to learn more from someone who respects the process and shows deep reverence for Spirit. She is the real deal and I am so thankful.”Karen - A Grateful Student of "Serving Spirit"
“I’ve been trying to find the words to describe my experience with Suzanne. Amazing! is the first thing I say when I tell my friends and clients about it. I’ve taken many medium classes before. Generally they turn out to be paying someone for the opportunity to practice.

Suzanne is approachable and kind and feels like an old friend. She seems to genuinely care and want to share her gift and teach others. I’ve never been in a class where the teacher was willing to do a demonstration and she did both a medium session as well as channeling. There was so much great information and she was so encouraging. I learned so much! I left class feeling hopeful and excited and most of all I feel motivated again to develop my mediumship.

Suzanne was real. There was no ego. There was so much Love. She was down to earth, caring and incredibly connected to Spirit. I aspire to develop the trust and confidence that she has. I would love to take more classes with Suzanne. As far as I’m concerned, Suzanne is my new teacher. Thank you for an awesome experience!Rev. Donna Thompson, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Energy Intuitive, Medium