Change Agent

srgiesemann Sanaya Speaks

Situations arise that change everything in a flash.  How do you react?  Yes, go into a shell for a while, but after a while you must come out for sustenance.  Look around you.  The world is still there.  Your world may have changed, but the greater world keeps spinning.  It is those individual changes that sooner or later add up to changes in the over-all system.  You are needed.  What have you learned from your events?  How can you contribute, if only to another who has suffered as you have?

Change happens, and when it does and you change with it, you become a change agent.  That is why all of you are here.  It is resistance to this fact that causes suffering.  You are so very loved.  We know that change is difficult, but it need not be quite so hard when you see your role in the on-going ever-changing play of life.