A free Mood and Energy Balancing Exercise 
with Suzanne Giesemann & Frederic Delarue


You are spirit temporarily housed in a physical body. As spirit, you are pure energy. Keeping that energy balanced and flowing is critical to your health and emotional well-being. Life-force energy flows through your body along specific pathways known as meridians. There are points along the meridians called chakras where this life-force energy is focused and routed to other areas of the body. These energy centers can become blocked by your own negative thoughts and emotions or by the energy of others around you. When this happens, life-force energy no longer flows freely through your energy body and you may experience malaise, irritability, lethargy, sadness, and other undesirable emotions or physical symptoms. 

The Ten Minute Transformation is a guided exercise to instantly improve your mental and physical well-being. You will find as you listen to this recording that the music is quite powerful. It is not the dreamy, relaxing music some may listen to regularly in meditation. The Ten Minute Transformation is less of a meditation and more of an exercise of "sitting in the Power." It is meant to be used for a specific purpose: to use that Power, that Life Force energy, to free yourself of constriction. 

If negative energy is allowed to reside within the body for long, this can result in disharmony and eventually in dis-ease. The Ten Minute Transformation is thus a practice that brings immediate healing on a short term, but when used regularly, can also produce long-term benefits.

If you are feeling out of sorts and can't determine the cause, chances are that one or more of your energy centers is out of balance (either blocked or over-stimulated). It is very easy to restore balance. Any time you wish to experience increased energy and an improved sense of well-being, take a few minutes for yourself and follow along with this guided exercise led by Suzanne Giesemann with the powerful spirit-inspired music composed specifically for this exercise by Frederic Delarue. Let the vibration of the words and music wash through you and feel the Power.


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