Welcome from Suzanne:  “In my work I receive highly evidential verification that consciousness continues beyond the transition we call death.  We are part of a far greater reality with love at the center.  The messages communicated to me and the implications of our interconnectedness form the basis of my teaching and writing.  Thank you for visiting my site.  You will find here much food for thought as well as balm for the heart and soul.
“Suzanne is an exceptionally gifted visionary and practitioner. Trust me on this…I know from first-hand experience.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D


The Four Keys to Your Personal Breakthrough

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The popular full-day S.O.A.R workshop is now available on video with online access or 6 DVD set + 60-Page Workbook. This new course expands the exercises and materials in the workshop.  CLICK HERE for more details.

“Your S.O.A.R. course was a life changer for me. It is a step by step process that holds your hand without touching you physically.” 

“I never dreamed what a profound impact the course would have on my life. My Soul and I thank you so very much.”

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Thousands read the daily messages from Suzanne’s group of guides known as Sanaya (pronounced “sah-NIGH-ah”).  Their messages are laced with lessons of how to bring more peace, joy, and unconditional love into our lives.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Sanaya and to sign up to receive their daily messages by email.  Click the link below to read Sanaya’s description of life after death. Noted author and Near-Death Experience expert Dr. Kenneth Ring said about this transmission, “I don’t think I have ever read a more astonishing document–addressed to me–in my life.  I am somewhere between awe and amazed.”    




Serving Spirit:  A Hands On/How-To Course in Evidence-Based Mediumship with Suzanne 

Suzanne will teach Serving Spirit 1.0, a basic level mediumship class at several locations during her summer 2016 tour. Enjoy two full days of celebrating the sacredness of mediumship.  This introductory course offers a balance between the theory of spirit communication and actual practice at making contact across the veil. CLICK HERE  for more information.  . Classes are also listed on her Events Calendar. 

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Enjoy a mood and energy balancing exercise: The Ten Minute Transformation which is a guided exercise to instantly improve your mental and physical well-being. Listen and download two powerful and love-filled meditations  produced by Suzanne Giesemann and Emmy Award winning composer, Jim Oliver: Radiant Heart Meditation and the brand new Making the Connection Meditation.  CLICK HERE to listen and download.

Messages of Hope Now on DVD!

Why are we here?  What happens when we die?  Is this life all there is?  When Commander Suzanne Giesemann, former U.S Navy commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, walked the halls of the Pentagon and flew on Air Force One, she did everything by the book. A personal witness to the horrors of 9/11, she saw things in black and white, with little time for spiritual seeking. Never did she expect that a personal family tragedy would propel her on a mystical journey that would turn her life’s path in a most unexpected direction.  

Thanks to so many who have waited patiently while we held viewings around the U.S. and Canada and shared this life-changing production at national and international film festivals. 

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