From Serving Her Country As
A Navy Commander To Serving Humanity

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    20 Years of Service

  • Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Aide to the Chairman

  • 9/11 On The Scene

    Service at the Highest Level

  • Modern Day Mystic

    Acclaimed by top afterlife researchers as a gifted and highly credible medium.

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    Providing Inspiration and Guidance for Personal and Spiritual Growth

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Author of Eleven Books

Whether writing about her current work as a metaphysical teacher and evidential medium or about her other passions, Suzanne’s words are filled with heart-felt emotion and honesty. Readers routinely remark that her books keep them turning the pages long after they would normally turn out the light.

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  • WolfsMessage

  • In-the-Silence-Cover
  • BookMessagesLG
  • ConquerYourCravings
  • Love-Beyond-Words
  • ThePriest

Suzanne’s presentation is a rare oasis in spiritual teaching …
a quality that is so grandly different from others
that it is difficult to describe.Sharon Jebens, Manager, Wings Bookstore, St. Petersburg



Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

The teachings from higher consciousness which I convey give hope that we inhabit a universe where goodness and love are the basis of All That Is. I am honored to guide people on the path of enlightenment, providing tools for self transformation. It is my passion to uplift and inspire others with stories for which there is no other explanation than that we are part of a greater reality.

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“Suzanne is an exceptionally gifted visionary and practitioner.
Trust me on this…I know from first-hand experience.”Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D

Deep Connection

A Bridge Between Two Worlds,
Showing That Love and Life are Eternal

I am humbled and honored by the ability to receive highly evidential communication from the non-physical dimension. Having had personal contact with thousands of discarnate souls has brought me to a place of knowing beyond doubt that consciousness exists at multiple levels of reality. Until others have such personal experience, my work gives them hope that this life is not all there is. It gives them hope that we continue on after death and that we will rejoin our loved ones who have passed. The messages I share give hope that this life has purpose and meaning.

Suzanne is among the most gifted and among the most credible
of any genuine medium I have had the privilege to meet
and work with over the past 15 years.Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

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Sanaya Speaks

Meet Sanaya, Suzanne’s Team in Spirit

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  • No More Rushing
  • Ongoing
  • Projection
  • True Winning
  • We Are Here
  • Closed Fist - Open Hand
  • Not My Will ...
  • Your Starring Role
  • Concurrent Script


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When Sanaya said, goodnight . . . I, who have just celebrated 80 years on this earth-plane, have you to thank for the experience of my lifetime. L.M.

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